Neighborly Attraction

Jackson moves in next door and Kyle can’t keep his thoughts under control. The neighbor’s got tattoos, loads of muscle, and rides a Harley, and Kyle’s parents think the man is everything else but responsible. Luckily, Kyle doesn’t care much for what his parents think, what he would really like is his fantasy to come true; Jackson would run his Harley up the drive and show Kyle what it is like to be used by a real man.

But that’s just a fantasy, isn’t it?

Maybe Kyle will find out soon enough that looks can be deceiving and not every straight man is…completely straight. Kyle’s parents might even find out that it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. That is, if Kyle can’t keep himself from moaning too loud.

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Author: Ella Primrose

Writing since I was a little kid, weaving tales, adventures, love stories....