Lady Of The House : FF Erotica Short Story
July 6, 2016
Salvation : A Dom’s Tale
July 5, 2017

Muse : A Novella

N athaniel Trevain doesn’t see why anyone would want to try and be in a relationship with him. After all, he’s a messed up individual. He’s in AA, depressed, and usually spends his days in seclusion. But the guys at the bar where he plays his guitar, they are the only ones that give him a sense of normalcy. When Kris Pinston begins to show Nathaniel warmth and affection, Nathaniel tries his best to keep the man out of his thoughts, but what can he do when he realizes that Kris is all he can think about? How can he ever make Kris happy when he’s only left a trail of broken hearts? Read this short tale and find out what happens when Kris makes Nathaniel realize just how much a man can love another man, no matter how difficult his heart may be.